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  • Niche Topic: The article is mostly related according to the topic of the blog. Do not distract from the main topic.
  • Images/video/links/screenshots: Do post more engaging with videos, images, where required. Screenshots make the article more informative and interesting.
  • Give Credit: If you have referred some article by reputed authors then give them credit for that to the original writer.
  • Linking: You can add one link to your other article in your article, but overstuffing of the links may damage the quality of your post.
  • Copyright: We accept only original content. You cannot copy content from your own blog and post here as a guest post.


  • Write at least 800+ words in an article on the current hot topics.
  • Well mannered and well-structured writing with easy language that is understandable to the reader. Polish and proof your writing properly.
  • The post is related to the topic of the blog. Do not write out of the topic.
  • Do not write promotional views in the post. Write straight forward related to the topic. Do not promote products or services directly.
  • Link to the article with the related website only. Do not link and dummy or neighborhood website.
  • Do not write on topics that are easy to write a list of sites, services etc. These are easy to write but not that much more valuable.
  • We do not promote author bio. So do not include it in your article.

NOTE: After completing and submitting your article give us a time for a 24hrs to review your article. If it fulfills our requirement then we will revert you with a time when your article will be published. Remember, your article will not be published immediately. It will take 24hrs or more days to be published on SequelDroid

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